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January 12, 2018
Sipayik Eastport
THE NEW YEAR’S EVE Rock Your Mocs chem-free celebration drew a large crowd to the Sipayik Bingo Hall. Children who attended excitedly counted down to midnight to pull the strings that released all of the candy. (Robin Farrin photo)
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THE GREAT SARDINE is dropped at midnight on New Year's Eve at Bank Square in Eastport, as a crowd watches, bundled up for the cold temperatures. (Don Dunbar photo)

Front Page Stories

Sipayik eyeing multifaceted opioid strategy
by Susan Coopersmith

“Communities throughout the country are dealing with the opioid epidemic, and this community is no different,” says Passamaquoddy Chief Ralph Dana of Sipayik. "But," he continues, "the Passamaquoddy are unique. We have values, culture, traditions, language and philosophy, and we want to bring all that to bear in dealing with the drug problem." Holding his hands out in front of him, fingers loosely interlaced, Dana explains. "Values, culture and tradition are not woven together as tightly as they were. We have to strengthen these and close the gaps so we can lift so much more."

Lubec loses historic landmark to stormy conditions, high tide
by JD Rule

Lubec lost a historic landmark to the January 4 storm that lashed the region with snow, rain and high winds, coinciding with an astronomically high tide. The McCurdy Smokehouse brining shed, located in the channel east of Water Street and long a part of the Lubec Landmarks collection, came free of supporting pilings during the peak of the storm‑surge driven tide, turning the shed from a historical structure into a hazard to navigation. After crossing the Lubec Channel into Canada, the shed ended up coming to rest on the Campobello shore, where scavengers have been dismantling parts of it.


Assistance programs see significant need

Fuel funds seeking donations

by Susan Esposito and Lora Whelan

During these winter months, the cost of heating homes weighs heavily on the minds of many Maine residents. This is another year during which there is a significant demand for assistance.

Demand high at food pantries
by Susan Esposito

Food pantries in Washington and Charlotte counties are holding their own as the colder months of winter begin, and all are dependent upon the generosity of volunteers as well as financial patrons.

Armed robber flees from store on bicycle

A bicycle-riding armed robber from Charlotte being pursued by police from three agencies did not make it very far on the dark, icy road back home after holding up the Dollar General store in Pembroke.

County looking for game plan to fight drug-related crimes
by Lora Whelan
The Washington County Sheriff's Office along with other law enforcement agencies has been asked by the county commissioners to create a "game plan" for effectively combating the escalating climate of drug‑related crimes. Despite being rescheduled because of bad weather and less than ideal road conditions, a special meeting held by the commissioners on the late afternoon of January 8 attracted about 60 people. Commission Chair Chris Gardner says that about half the room was comprised of municipal leaders and law enforcement officers and the rest of concerned residents of the county. "I'd say about half the police chiefs were there," he adds.

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